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Planning Permission

We offer a comprehensive planning and building control approval application service. ABC surveying have many years of experience in mediating between home owners and local planning and building control authorities. We have notched up many successes in listed building and previously failed development situations, by seeking to establish and work within adopted LPA policies. Of course, we have also provided trouble free planning agency for hundreds of projects. Our process includes:

  • Site Survey and design exploration to establish statutory requirements.

  • Project design sketches and CAD drawings as required, including LPA advice.

  • Submission to the local authorities and management of application process, including amendments.

  • Appeals to the planning inspectorate if necessary.


High quality project drawings are provided for submissions and the client's records.

Planning Example 1Planning Example 2

Planning permission is one of the most important aspects of developing your home, yet it is often overlooked. A survey can ensure your investment in developing your home is secure, by investigating the need for planning approval.

Planning Example 3

You could leave planning and the survey to the building companies you get tenders from, but typically you will pay a higher price for planning and surveying fees.

Planning Example 3

With ABC Surveying acting as your agent the process is effortless. We will deal with the council's charges and liaise with the planning officer, preparing amendments to satisfy any upheld objections. All foreseeable aspects are included in the fee quoted at the outset. Get it right first time with the experts, ABC Surveying.


Scale Drawings Samples

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